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This is the Bulldog Trailer Jack vs. Other brands review. I'll walk you through the major features of Bulldog and comparing them to its most popular competitors. My experience with these products is vast and I've been working in a shop for many years. You can trust my opinions!

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The list below includes 8 Bulldog Trailer Jack Reviews
1. Fulton Bulldog 155032 Trailer Jack
This Bulldog Trailer Jack is made of corrosion-resistant stamped metal. Its aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the zinc finish on both its outer and inner tubes. Zinc plating is used to protect the hardware for mounting from rust. This Fulton Jack is suitable for marine and RV applications. This jack from Fulton has 5500 lbs of capacity and 15 inches of travel. It also comes with an inch wheel that allows for easy positioning.

2. Bulldog 195362-SWL195 DTSXFQ Square Tube Tube Trailer Jack w/P&C
The Bulldog 195362 work bull jack is designed to be used for utility trailers as well as farm machinery. It is equipped with the 2.25" diameter tube inside, 4.62" outer tube overlap at full extension , and a 12-gauge square tube that has been painted over. Included is a zinc-plated detachable hand with clear zinc tubes and 5,000 pound lift capacity.

3. Bulldog 1550100317 A Frame Trailer Jack silver 3000 pounds.
Bulldog A Frame Jack, 3,000 lbs. Is built with a strong steel housing forged from steel and BLACKFINISH offering excellent resistance to corrosion. The footplate guarantees maximum stability.

4. Bulldog 178201 Trailer Jack, Silver, 5,000 lbs.
The Bulldog side-wind trailer jack is a 5000-pound capacity unit that can be fitted with the standard 2.25" diameter coupler tubes. The outer tube is coated and painted with steel. It is able to switch footplates. The inner tube made of zinc provides more durability and supports. Bulldog's side-wind trailer jack has an easy design and gear travel of 10 inches. It can be raised as high as 4 feet above the surface.

5. Bulldog 1514010117 Gray Universal 10" Topwind Travel Weld-On Trailer Jack
Bulldog topwind trailer Jack is durable and comes with a weld-on bend swing bracket, unbeatable sleek ergonomic design, and unmatched reliability. Long-term reliability. Enhanced side load and vertical load capacity provided by precision-fitted components for extra stability. A precise fit of the components reduces instability in the jack assembly for maximum performance.

Retaining ring swivel mount design features 1/2 inch spring loaded plunger pin. Grey painted outer tube, transparent zinc plated inner tube with footplate. The capacity for lifting is 2,000 pounds. 10 Inches of travel, 11 inch retracted length 21 inch length extended and 4 inch clearance. It swings up out of the way when not when in use. Bulldog's warranty is limited to 5 years and covers this product. It is in compliance with or surpasses SAE J2638 specifications.

6. Bulldog 198200 Gray Universal 15" Topwind Travel Weld-On Swivel Trailer Jack
The universal topwind swivel Jack is smooth, comfortable, ergonomic design and tested reliability for long-term use at rated load. Swivel feature allows you to turn the down and out of the way when it is not using. The tubular mount is weld-on and features a female mating mount, 5/8" pin; clear zinc-plated foot plate Grey painted outer tube; transparent zinc-plated inner tube.

7. Bulldog Trailer Jack Foot - 500244
To be used with 2,000 to 5,000 lb. Jacks, this base that can be detached has a latching pin that has a zinc-coated finish. The removable footplate is two inches in length. Affixable trailer jack base removable footplate 2" Fits jacks with inner tubes. Latching pin is included in Zinc-coated finish Jacks

8. Bulldog 1700100317 Frame Trailer Jack
It's nice to know that you're driving on tires made by Goodyear. This Bulldog Removable Foot Plate A-frame Trailer Jack was designed to work with two" inner tube jacks that are rated at 2,000-5,000 pounds. It is simple to connect and attach a trailer coupler taking off the foot plate. Metal construction with a zinc-finished finish gives robustness and can withstand the stress of daily use. To protect yourself, the foot plate includes the latching pin.

The Bulldog Trailer Jack that is the most effective is extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver, and cannot position the tow vehicle at an angle. The most unwieldy Bulldog Trailer Jack is not actually a trailer jack at all, but just a handful of pieces of metal. It is important to have an understanding of Bulldog trailer jacks if you want the best for your budget.

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Phone: +46974652988

Born: November 18, 1974

Petter Solberg is a Norwegian former professional rally and rallycross driver. Solberg debuted in the World Rally Championship in 1998 and was signed by the Ford factory team in 1999. The following year, Solberg started his successful partnership with the Subaru World Rally Team.