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We can attend many Star Wars The Old Republic in-game events in May, and Bounty Contract Week is one of them. We can prepare enough SWTOR Credits, and for a limited time, and the Bounty Brokers Association opens its doors to all warriors, offering brave hunters a chance to prove their skills and bring criminal and violent gangs to justice!

This event requires players over level 15 to take part and starts on May 17th and ends on May 24th. So we can sign a standard Henchman contract and a high-profile Kingpin contract each day, each potentially taking players to a separate planet. So we also need to prepare enough SWTOR Credits to make the journey smoother.

We can earn many rewards in this quest. But if we don't have a lot of power, then we may not successfully complete the mission and miss out on many coveted rewards. At this time, IGGM is the best helper, and we can buy the cheapest and safe SWTOR Credits on it. It is the most professional seller and is loved by many players. Very nice!