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Path of Exile’s Sentinel expansion wants players to challenge themselves. More than any action RPG, Path of Exile wants players to set the conditions for their pain. With highly customizable endgames and quarterly events, the major focus is on choosing how to challenge yourself in exchange for loot and get more POE Currency.

Path of Exile new expansion, Sentinel, brings a new, seemingly more direct way to challenge yourself. A satchel full of consumable drones It empowers enemies while infusing them full of bonus items. We'll quickly find Sentinels dropped as monster loot. Each of these small drones has a color to show its behavior, power level, and various modifiers and perks that change the way it behaves.

It can deploy these drones at almost any time during the battle, spice up our current encounters. So I think we can buy POE Currency to make the battle easier. As a popular site, POECurrency can help us. It's a perfectly safe and legitimate site and I often trade on it without any security concerns. And it was delivered quickly and the service was welcoming. Come on!


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